Today and tomorrow we’ll watch and hear “Whitesnake: Live in the
Still of the Night,”
a concert DVD taken from their United Kingdom
tour in 2004. Since the band’s beginning around 1977, there have
been numerous lineup changes, including David Coverdale’s former
Deep Purple band mates, Ian Paice and Jon Lord.

In the early days, Whitesnake was more of a “blues-sounding”
band than they became after the release of their 1987 self-titled
album. With that album, they broke through on the international
scene, in a big way. In it, they aimed for a sound which was more
“metallic,” perhaps trying to emulate more of the then-prevalent
1980’s “hair metal” scene.

Coverdale’s band for this concert is quite impressive, including
Tommy Aldridge on drums and Doug Aldrich on guitar. This band
truly rocks, but I must say that Coverdale’s voice sounds quite
different from the one I’m used to hearing. At times, the
“soulfulness and bluesy” quality of old makes brief reappearances,
but I get the impression that he’s tried to do an “extreme
makeover” of his voice. It’s almost like he’s trying to morph his
voice with that of Vince Neil or something. Maybe all of the years
of hard singing have taken their toll.

He still makes it work, though, and the show is a good one,
mixing old songs with new ones. They even open with “Burn,”
from his early days with Deep Purple!