If the DVD, “Copland and the American Sound,” is any indication, the
“Keeping Score: Revealing Classical Music” series by Michael Tilson Thomas
with the San Francisco Symphony appears to be a fine one. We finished
viewing it today, and I was quite impressed.

The whole format and structure was superb. In it, Michael Tilson Thomas
(aka, MTT) talks about Aaron Copland’s life, and how he managed
to create his “American Sound” through various compositions, including
his early “Piano Variations,” “Billy The Kid,” “El Salon Mexico,” and
“Appalachian Spring.”

After a documentary of roughly 54 minutes, MTT leads the
members of the San Francisco Symphony in a performance of the
entire “Appalachian Spring” ballet, in its original 13-instrument version.

As an educational tool, this DVD is superb. Leonard Bernstein would
have been proud of him! This DVD gets top marks.