Steve Vai’s “Where The Wild Things Are” is a two-DVD set of a concert
given at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, on September 19, 2007.
The band Vai has assembled is formidable with Jeremy Colson on
drums, Alex DePue on violin and keyboards, Bryan Beller on bass,
Dave Weiner on guitar (both six and seven string) and electric sitar,
and Ann Marie Calhoun on violin and keyboards. A few of the songs
had Zack Wiesinger on lap steel guitar.

For lack of a better term, the music is predominantly of the
“shred-metal/fusion” variety. Vai is a consummate master of the
guitar and seems to revel in the sounds and possibilities of the
instrument. He’s quite the showman, too, sometimes going so
far as to use his tongue!

There are plenty of opportunities for Vai’s bandmates to display
their abilities as well. In a part of the show, the two violinists
collaborated quite effectively, even throwing in some ubiquitous
classical riffs (i.e., Novacek, Bach, etc.). Most of the time, DePue
used what appeared to be a “Flying V” fiddle. I didn’t care for the
tone of that instrument in comparison with the standard violin.
Bryan Beller’s bass was loud and clear throughout, and his playing
was excellent. Apparently, he and Vai are both alumni of the
Berklee College of Music.

As mentioned before, the entire band was excellent, with a very
positive “music-making vibe,” confirmed by some of the members
in the bonus feature interviews. Given the stellar abilities of all
concerned, I wish that the music “moved me” more. However, it
was a topnotch production and quite well recorded.

The set was a generous two hours and 42 minutes, with roughly
60 minutes of bonus features on the second disc. The bonus
features consisted of interviews with the band members, and
Steve Vai speaking with his “double,” while demonstrating one
of his new technological developments: The Jemini Distortion

I recommend this DVD.