Today, we watched and listened to “Neil Young: Heart of Gold,” a DVD
release of a Jonathan Demme film shot in 2005. This film contains music
from the “Prairie Wind” album released the same year, and features
performances at the Grand Ole Opry. Hits such as “Heart of Gold,” and
new material is on the bill, using a wide array of musicians on strings,
horns, banjo, and autoharp. Emmylou Harris is also featured.

Bonus extras include musician interviews, a history of the Ryman
Auditorium and rehearsal footage with band members and the Jubilee
Singers. The onstage spontaneity was genuine, as the performances
were the result of only 10 days of rehearsal. A brief clip of Neil Young’s
performance on “The Johnny Cash Show” from 1971 completes the
project. Filmmaker Jonathan Demme and his crew have done a great
job capturing the entire process.