Today, we finished watching and listening to Martin Scorsese’s
“The Last Waltz,” a DVD release of the 1978 film documenting the
final 1976  performance of The Band at the Winterland Ballroom.
Bonus extras include a 22-minute “making of” feature.

Although I’ve been aware of this film for a long time, I’m glad that
I finally watched it. Scorsese basically combined footage of the
final concert with interview clips from The Band members.  As you
would expect, the film footage is excellent and includes a
montage of the area surrounding the Winterland Ballroom, circa 1976.

“The Last Waltz” concert footage also features notable guest
performers, including Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond,
along with many others. It’s understandable that this film is regarded
as a classic.