Today, we watched and heard “The Doors Collection: Collector’s Edition,”
a DVD that is divided into three sections. The first section, “Dance on Fire,”
is a collection of videos of their songs, using interesting film footage.
A 1968 Hollywood Bowl concert is the second DVD section, and the third
section, “The Soft Parade,” contains additional footage of the band,
including interviews, recording sessions, and creative montages of
The Doors in concert.

I found the live concert footage to be particularly valuable. I could see
the flexibility of the band, as they allowed time and space to create a
“theater of sound,” often within the structure of an actual song.

Bonus extras include films that Ray Manzarek completed while studying
at UCLA in the mid-1960’s, an instrumental version of “The End,” with
Robby Krieger accompanied on bass and drums, and a short excerpt
from John Densmore’s one-man play about The Doors.

Ray Manzarek is obviously the main creative force behind this project.
All in all, “The Doors Collection: Collector’s Edition” is a most impressive
effort, and certainly indispensable to Doors fans.