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As with other two volumes I’ve previously discussed, “Legends
of Jazz Guitar, Volume Three”
is yet another compilation of Jazz
greats, performing in various combos and configurations. This
1995 release was transferred to DVD in 2001, and issued on the
Rounder label. Roughly 62 minutes of performances from 1964 to
1987 are shown here, and filmed in various venues throughout
the world.

Jim Hall (1930 – ) is the first featured guitarist, and he performs
in three of the nine numbers on this DVD. These are his first
performance clips in this series. There are two black and white
film clips of him from 1964, and he is joined in a 1986 film clip by
noted Jazz pianist, Michel Petrucciani (1962-1999). One of these
black and white clips, “Valse Hot,” is also included on the Jazz
Icons DVD featuring trumpet and flugelhorn player, Art Farmer
(1928-1999). Farmer is joined on this tune by Hall, bassist Steve
Swallow (1940 – ) and drummer Pete LaRoca (1938 – ).

Tal Farlow (1921-1998) and Pat Martino (1944 – ) are the other
two featured guitarists on this disc. Farlow’s performances date
from 1981, and Pat Martino’s set was recorded in 1987. Once
again, Barney Kessel (1923-2004), Herb Ellis (1921-2010) and
Charlie Byrd (1925-1999) are featured, with Kessel performing
in four of the numbers. He performs solo, and is then joined by
Herb Ellis for two duets. Kessel also has one performance with
both Ellis and Byrd.

When choosing between these Jazz guitarists, the level
of excellence is so high that it’s difficult for me to pick
a favorite. The phrasing and facility on display are truly
awe-inspiring. It should suffice to say that anyone who is
remotely interested in tasteful Jazz playing, or the guitar
in general, should check out this DVD.