Like a Nubian goddess, Sade Adu commanded the stage in
this spectacular concert DVD, “Sade: Bring Me Home – Live 2011,”
released this year. Born in Nigeria in 1959, but living in
Great Britain since the age of four, Sade is considered to be
the most successful British female vocalist in history, having
sold more than 50 million records. With the group bearing her
name, Sade has been performing since her first album release
in 1984, and her blend of smooth Jazz, Quiet Storm and
Rhythm & Blues music has been immensely popular
with the masses.

This two-hour concert film directed by Sophie Muller captured
a hypnotically beautiful stage show, complete with projections,
during which Sade and her eight fellow band members
performed 22 songs from throughout her career. The sound
engineering was great, and the lighting was also spectacular,
becoming “one with the music.” This was obviously a first-class
production, and I couldn’t see that many expenses were spared.
Sade and her band mates moved with the music while
performing, and didn’t waste a note. There was also no gratuitous
grandstanding; every element appeared to serve a purpose.
I was particularly impressed with Stuart Matthewman, who
played both the guitar and tenor saxophone with such emotion.

Perhaps the additional 30 minutes of bonus features could
have been trimmed, but Sade fans will appreciate the candid
backstage and behind-the-scenes footage offered here.
This handsome set released by the Epic label also includes
an audio CD of 14 songs. The set is a “must” for Sade fans!