Recently, I watched “Mick Taylor: Rock, Blues and Slide Guitar,”
another installment in the “Hot Licks” series from
guitarist/producer Arlen Roth. This 2006 DVD reissue was
originally released on VHS in 1986, and featured a three-minute
introduction by Roth, along with transcriptions of the licks,
various audio options including “slo-mo,” and a tuning menu.
A printed biography and discography of Taylor’s work, as well
as listening suggestions round out the bonus features.

Of course, Mick Taylor (1949 – ) has an impressive resume,
having played with John Mayall’s Blues Breakers in 1966.
With Mayall’s recommendation, he became a member of
The Rolling Stones from 1969 to 1974. After that time, he
played with many luminaries, such as Jack Bruce, Alvin Lee
and others, and has made numerous recordings with his
own projects, as well as a sideman.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel that he was as effective as some
of the other guitarists in this series. About halfway through
this 56-minute video, Arlen Roth sat in and helped the naturally
shy Taylor with his seminar by asking him leading questions.
Roth also did an informal “jam” with Taylor.

Taylor’s shyness aside, this DVD is nevertheless worth watching,
especially when you consider Taylor’s “track record,” up to that
point. I believe that it’s always nice to observe a talented and
famous musician in an informal setting, playing and discussing
his (or her) instrument, and also sharing their influences and
thoughts on music in general. In fact, the more great players,
I can watch, the better!