Black Sabbath fans will want to check out the 57-minute
“Black Sabbath: Never Say Die” DVD, (a 2003 release under
the Sanctuary Visual Entertainment label), simply because it’s
“live” footage of this seminal band, circa 1978. This was recorded
shortly before Ozzy Osbourne was fired. Even though it’s in poor
Dolby surround sound, abetted with a little imagination, I was still
able to derive a lot of enjoyment from this show. For a band
that was allegedly “burned out,” and in need of a long “sabbatical”
(LOL!), they could still deliver the goods. As with any Hard Rock
band that has been constantly on the road, ravaged by substance
and managerial abuse, each concert reflected strong and weak
points, which I believe should be taken in stride. Tony’s classic
riffs, Bill’s thundering drums, and Geezer’s contrapuntal bass
lines did not disappoint. Although Ozzy was the weak link,
often singing “flat,” he was still Ozzy and therefore, irreplaceable.

Looking back at the playlist of 12 songs, “Never Say Die” was
the only song from their then-new album. Following “Dirty Women,”
a short drum solo led into “Rock ‘N Roll Doctor,” and a guitar solo
at the end of that tune took us into “Electric Funeral.” Not surprisingly,
“Paranoid” was performed as an encore.

This was a low-budget production, but even if the aforementioned
sound wasn’t that great, the camera work was acceptable. For fans
like us, this archival footage is worth having. I’d suggest that you
enjoy the show as best as you can, and be glad that you had the
opportunity to do so!