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Having recently seen “Robin Trower: Living Out of Time,”
taped in 2005, I’m happy to report that as of that concert,
Trower has still “got it,” not only as a guitar player, but
also as a composer of worthwhile music. This
German-produced DVD was named after his then-latest
album, “Living Out of Time,” recorded in March of that
year, on the occasion of Trower’s sixtieth birthday.
It was released under the Ruf WDR Fernsehen label,
and captured a 72-minute set that was performed at the
Crossroads Festival in Bonn, Germany, before
a small audience.

Trower’s bandmates for this concert were vocalist
Dave Pattison, bassist and backup vocalist Dave Bronze
and drummer Pete Thompson. Their 13-song set consisted
of four tunes from the new album, and one they had
yet to record! Of course, old favorites from Trower’s first
two or three albums, such as “Too Rolling Stoned,”
“Day of the Eagle,” “Daydream,” “Bridge of Sighs,” and
“Little Bit of Sympathy” were performed as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by how Pattison uncannily
recreated the sound of Trower’s original bassist and
vocalist, James Dewar (1942-2002). It was almost as if
Dewar had been resurrected. Pete Thompson and
Dave Bronze provided fine rhythmic support and the band
seemed to really “gel.” As it turns out, these musicians
had worked together in the 1990’s, and the results of
those gigs showed here. During the two occasions
that Bronze provided backup vocals, his intonation
was “spot on.”

I saw Trower in person, either during 1986 or 1987, at
the Country Club in Reseda, California, and I remember
being moved by his powerful, soulful playing. Watching
this 2005 DVD had much the same effect upon me.
The fact that Pattison sounded so much like Dewar
on vocals was an added plus.

There is also a bonus 31-minute interview included
with Trower, during which he discussed his early
influences and his career. Other extras include a photo
gallery of Trower and his bandmates, as of 2005.
The well-recorded concert featured good camera
work as well, making this DVD “essential viewing” for
Robin Trower fans. It’s nice to know that this great
guitarist was still in fine form with a great band, when
this DVD was released. I recommend watching it.