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Blues guitarists Bobby Parker, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
and Buddy Guy each performed a complete set as a part of
“Carlos Santana Presents: Blues at Montreux,” a three-DVD,
2004 release I recently watched from Eagle Eye Vision.
These informal sets provided opportunities for various other
artists, such as Barbara Morrison and Carlos Santana to
“sit in,” at various junctures. With all due respect, these
were pure Blues performances, and did not offer a great
deal of harmonic “activity.”

Heretofore, I hadn’t heard of either Bobby Parker (1937 – )
or Clarence Brown (1924-2005) and of course, I was glad
that I watched them. Both of their DVD concerts had
running times of 71 minutes. The disc devoted to recent
Kennedy Center Honoree, Buddy Guy (1936 – ), lasted
96 minutes, and included a 13-minute solo performance by
him on acoustic guitar. Barbara Morrison (1952 – ) joined
him for the remainder of his set. By the end of the concert,
the stage was filled with musicians, including a couple of
fine saxophonists. Although he was clearly having a great
time, Guy didn’t use his set to demonstrate his considerable
Blues guitar chops.

Throughout these sets, there was a communal atmosphere.
Apparently, Carlos Santana (1947 – ) spearheaded these
gatherings, joining in at the end with his guitar. As with other
discs in this series, the sound and camera work were quite
good. I just wish I had been more impressed by the
actual music making.