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Given my considerable interest in the various
sub genres of Metal, and looking back at the
success of Poison during the latter 1980’s, it
made sense for me to check out one of
their “live” shows.

I recently watched “Poison: Seven Days Live,”
which was taped in April of 1993 at London’s
Hammersmith Apollo. This 80-minute concert
was released on DVD by Cherry Red Records in 2006.

Unlike my familiarity with many other Metal acts
of this era, prior to watching this disc, I’d only
heard their 1990 album release, “Flesh and Blood.”
Therefore, I wasn’t as familiar with their music,
and had the impression that their focus was
on their “image.” While I can now understand
how they acquired that reputation, they were
not without talent, and spawned huge hits,
such as 1986’s “Look What the Cat Dragged In,”
1988’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,”
and 1990’s “Unskinny Bop.”

Although I didn’t find the “hooks” of these tunes
as strong as those from other bands in the
Hair Metal/Glam Metal genre, such as “Dokken,”
I do believe that this disc demonstrated how
Poison effectively combined the talent they had
with good looks and strong showmanship, which
was obviously a huge draw in 1993.

Frontman/lead vocalist and occasional rhythm
guitarist, Bret Michaels (1963 – ), knew how to
work the crowd. Lead guitarist Richie Kotzen
(1970 – ) had considerable chops, as well as a
long, dark mane that he tossed incessantly, no
doubt to the delight of the female fans in the
audience. Kotzen replaced C. C. DeVille (1962 – ),
who left Poison in 1991. Bassist Bobby Dall
(1963 – ) and drummer Rikki Rockett (1961 – )
both provided strong rhythmic support.

Apparently, this concert was done to support
Poison’s “Native Tongue” album, which was
released in 1993, and the DVD featured decent sound
and strong camera work to boot. These taped
concerts tend to represent the best of a band,
but if this is the case, I wouldn’t rank them
very high in my personal “Metal Pantheon.”