Even though I’ve never considered myself to be a true
“fan” of Bonnie Raitt (1949 – ), it was still nice to watch
a DVD of the 1977 gig that she and her band played
at the Montreux Festival. It was her first Montreux
Festival concert. This 55-minute DVD,
“Bonnie Raitt: Live at Montreux 1977,” was filmed in
July of that year at the Montreux Casino, the site of
many of the Jazz concerts of the Festival which
were not performed at the Stravinsky Auditorium.

The set consisted largely of songs from Ms. Raitt’s
then-current album, “Sweet Forgiveness,” and the
DVD featured 11 songs, including “Good Enough,”
“Walk Out the Front Door,” “Sugar Mama,” and
“Runaway.” It’s always nice to catch a singer’s
performance from a relatively early stage in her
career, and Ms. Raitt was about six years into
her popularity here, having issued her debut album
in 1971. She has an ideal voice for the Country/Blues
genre, and she’s not a bad guitar player, either!
It was also interesting to watch her bass player
double on tuba for one song, while her piano
player doubled on saxophone for a couple of songs.
This concert was well recorded with good camera work.

A bonus feature included four songs from her
1991 Montreux Festival appearance. This 18-minute
set had a backup band that was approximately
twice the size of the group that accompanied
Ms. Raitt in 1977. Her voice showed little signs of
decline, when comparing it with the 1977
performance, and a good time was had by all.
This disc is a good document of an iconic musician,
at two different stages of her ongoing career.