“Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers” is a brief
documentary of the band, depicting its beginning in 1968
until circa 1991. At that time, singer Joe Lynn Turner,
formerly of Rainbow, had a brief stint with Deep Purple.
As a longtime fan of this band, I was pleased to find
valuable concert footage included here that I’d never
seen before. I was particularly interested in the 1968
television performance of their first hit, “Hush.”
This performance featured Deep Purple’s original singer,
Rod Evans, and Nicky Simper on bass. The DVD also
included brief footage of the Mark IV lineup, with
Tommy Bolin playing “Stormbringer” on guitar.
The disc ended with footage of Turner on lead vocals.

These and other choice concert snippets were enhanced
by interesting anecdotes and stories recounted
by Jon Lord, Roger Glover, Ritchie Blackmore,
and Ian Paice, four of the members from the classic
Mark II lineup. Along with one of Deep Purple’s former
managers, these band members were the narrators
of this 57-minute portrait. It’s always good to hear
the stories told by the actual musicians, and it’s
unfortunate that input from Rod Evans, Nicky Simper,
David Coverdale, or Glenn Hughes couldn’t be procured!

At any rate, this 1991 release on the Warner label was
well worth checking out. I’m always glad to have access
to any concert footage or information about this seminal band.