Honestly, I didn’t expect to enjoy “Nile Rodgers & Chic:
Live at Montreux 2004″ as much as I did, since Disco
isn’t exactly my thing, but the longer I watched it,
the more it grew on me. The fact is that this
particular incarnation of Chic, originally formed with
the now-deceased Bernard Edwards in 1976, clearly
consists of topnotch players and female vocalists,
not the least of which include bassist Jerry Barnes
and drummer Omar Hakim, who lay down a mean
groove that’s hard to resist.

Of course, Chic is more than just Disco; their music
could easily be classified as Funk, Soul or whatever,
but it has endured for many years, due to hits such
as “Freak Out,” and “We Are Family.” During this
97-minute concert filmed at the Montreux Festival,
they seemed to truly enjoy themselves, and although
it’s the first time I’ve seen live footage of the band,
I’d find it difficult to imagine them sounding better
during their late 1970’s / early 1980’s heyday.
The recorded sound and camera work were also
well done, making this DVD even more worthwhile.

Good is good, whether or not this type of music
is my thing, and I have to recommend this DVD
without reservation.