“Roberta Flack: In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony
Orchestra” is a 48-minute film of a 1975 performance.
This DVD was released during 2005, under the
Prime Concerts label. At the time of this concert,
Ms. Flack (1937 – ) was already well known with hits,
such as “Killing Me Softly” and “The First Time Ever I Saw
Your Face,” both of which were performed here.

Prior to watching this disc, my exposure to Ms. Flack
was limited to some radio airplay. Fortunately, this concert
contained vintage footage of her clear and powerful voice,
and her capable piano accompaniment. While the concert
was billed as “. . . with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra,”
the orchestra wasn’t a strong presence, and Ms. Flack’s
band with three female backup vocalists provided most
of the additional accompaniment. The music had that early
to mid 1970’s sound that I like so much, perhaps due
to the “nostalgia” factor.

Although the DVD transfer and resulting audio/visual quality
of this disc wasn’t the greatest, it was still quite watchable,
and served as a valuable document of the artistry of
Roberta Flack, during the early part of her heyday.