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I’m always interested in hearing other opinions of any
given type of music, which is why I’ve found the
“Inside” DVD series so valuable. This series is devoted to
various Rock bands, and I recently watched “Inside Yes,”
a 2004 DVD release produced by the Classic Rock
Productions, Limited label.

Here, I got an “inside” look at this band’s first six albums,
which were produced between 1968 and 1973.
Using the five-star rating system which is a hallmark of
the series, frequent contributors, such as Malcolm Dome
weighed in on the pluses and minuses of each album.
Other insightful commentary was provided from music
journalists, such as Hugh Fielder, Michael Heatley, and
musician/producer, Les Davidson, with the latter providing
“lessons” on the acoustic guitar, to shed light on
some of the music.

Of course, this hour-long film also included vintage live
footage of Yes during these years, complete with the
personnel changes that would remain something of a
constant with this band! Steve Howe (1947 – ) joined
Yes for their third album, “The Yes Album,” and he was the
only actual band member who contributed to the film.

The 60-minute bonus feature entitled, “Roger Dean’s Views,”
was hosted by keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who joined Yes
for their 1972 album, “Fragile.” Beginning with that disc,
Dean’s artwork would grace the covers of many Yes albums,
not to mention those from other groups, such as Asia,
Uriah Heep and Osibisa. Most of this feature was narrated
by Dean (1944 – ), with various musicians from the
aforementioned bands weighing in, including John Wetton
from Asia, and Ken Hensley and Mick Box from Uriah Heep.
Due to his distinctive style and the circulation of his art
through record album sales, Dean clearly hit the
mother lode!

Another bonus feature of this disc was a photo gallery
of various Yes musicians, which truly made this DVD
worthwhile viewing for those interested in this seminal
Progressive Rock band, and the artist who was intimately
associated with them. I highly recommend it.