“Bill Withers: Still Bill” is a 2009 Docurama studio release
depicting the life and career of this singer/songwriter.
I must admit that I was unaware that he was the
composer of “Lean On Me,” “Ain’t No Sunshine” and
“Just the Two of Us.” I had a major “Oh, that’s who
wrote these songs!” moment.

This approximately 78-minute DVD featured recent
tribute interviews with Graham Nash and other artists,
as well as Withers’ performances of his songs. Withers
provided much of the narrative for this disc, looking
back at his life and career. Apparently, he stopped
performing in 1985. His music is straight from the
heart, and strikes me as being in a similar vein
to the songs from James Taylor and Carole King.
Withers’ career didn’t last very long, but it certainly
was significant.