“Shirley Bassey: Divas Are Forever,” is a 2000 DVD
release by Image Entertainment. It featured the
famous Pop diva at the Diamonds Awards Festival,
performing a 55-minute set of 14 songs including
“Goldfinger,” “Diamonds Are Forever,” “Big Spender,”
“This Is My Life,” and “I Want to Know What Love Is.”
This show was presumably taped near the end of 1997
and proved that Ms. Bassey continued to possess a
remarkable voice for a vocalist of any age,
let alone 60. It’s both powerful and sexy, and she
clearly knew how to use it effectively in her chosen
repertoire. Ms. Bassey was also the consummate
entertainer; a sexy diva who knew how to work the crowd.

Not long ago, I watched her perform a 60-minute set,
taped during 1990 in Atlantic City. It was a similar set
to this one and to my ears, her voice was definitely
not the worse for wear. Considering that she’s been
singing since the age of 16 and performed on the
Ed Sullivan Show in 1960, I found her voice remarkable.
She seems like a force of nature!

A 44-minute bonus feature was also included with
this 2000 concert, which was apparently made for
British television. It included backstage footage,
interviews, rehearsals for an MTV video with the
Propellarheads, and Ms. Bassey interacting with her
adoring fans, on both sides of the Atlantic. This bonus
documentary provided a rare opportunity to observe
her in a less glamorous mode, which was both
serious and fun-loving.

This is certainly a worthwhile DVD for Shirley Bassey
fans. What a set of pipes!