“Great Women Singers of the 20th Century: Nancy Wilson”
is a 50-minute DVD of her 1993 performance at Blues Alley
in Washington D.C. This disc was released by the KULTUR
label during 2005, and was my first exposure to her.

While obviously a song “stylist,” Ms. Wilson’s (1937 – )
performance featured a highly personal delivery, with
phrasing that was pulled in different directions. For me,
these liberties stretched the boundaries of Jazz singing.

As she has a nice voice, I’d like to hear and/or see an
earlier concert for comparison, because I know that she’s
lauded as one of the “greats.” Her backup musicians
played well, and I appreciated the intimate, “club” setting.
The acoustic seemed fairly dead to me, which was
reflected by the recorded sound.

I just wonder if her singing was always this idiosyncratic.