Rarely have I seen a performer give so much to his or her
audience as Tina Turner (1939 – ) did during
“Tina Turner: Rio ’88,” a concert which was filmed in January
of that year in Rio de Janeiro. It was released on DVD during
2000, on the Eagle Rock/Image Entertainment label.

Before a reported audience of 180,000, Ms. Turner and her
band burned through a 74-minute set containing many of
her biggest hits, such as “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”
and “Simply the Best,” as well her unique take on “Proud Mary.”

Following her divorce from Ike Turner in the late 1970’s,
Tina Turner’s career really ascended during the mid 1980’s;
therefore, this concert was filmed during her peak of
popularity. While I can’t say that I’m overly fond of her raspy
vocal delivery, I suppose that a Pop icon of her stature is
beyond criticism, and her style certainly suits her well.
Besides, as I see it, she’s as much of an entertainer as she is
a singer who probably needs to be seen as much as heard,
and she’s certainly a feast for the eyes!

It was a high energy concert, and the sea of people in the
audience ate it up, swaying back and forth in unison.
The camera work and sound quality were adequate if not
great, which was typical of 1980’s concert productions.

Bonus features were limited to a printed discography,
listing her hits from 1975 to 2000. This was the first time
I watched a full Tina Turner concert, and I think I could
have done worse.