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“Elizabeth Schwarzkopf: A Self Portrait,” is a 2002 DVD
reissue of a 1995 video released by the EMI Classics label.
It’s a priceless document of the artistry of one of the great
singers of the 20th Century, shared in her own words.
Madame Schwarzkopf (1915-2006) primarily narrates the
footage in English, with a few references in German.

I found this DVD invaluable not only for the insights she
provided, but also for the rare performance footage which
was in both formal and informal settings. These clips included
footage of conversations with her husband, record
producer Walter Legge (1906-1979).

There are some duplications of footage that is available
elsewhere, including the “impromptu” lieder performance
with her accompanist, Gerald Moore (1899-1987). However,
most of it was new to me. The end of the disc even featured
Madame Schwarzkopf singing while accompanying herself
on guitar!

I highly recommend this 57-minute DVD. You won’t be disappointed.