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“Canned Heat: Live at Montreux 1973” is a 73-minute
concert DVD showing this band doing what they
do best—-rockin’ the Blues, often with a Boogie slant.
When this film was shot, Bob “The Bear” Hite (1943-1981)
was still with the band and the opening number of their set,
“On the Road Again,” featured him on harmonica.

Formed in 1965, Canned Heat has endured to the present.
It’s not surprising that they have undergone many personnel
changes, but it was nice to see a performance from their
heyday. Although I honestly don’t consider them to be
a “great” band, I’ll admit that they do what they do
very well, and I got the impression that their goal was to
provide a good time for the crowd. Watching this
“time machine” disc took me back to the early 1970’s.

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown (1924-2005) joined the
band for some informal Blues jamming, both on guitar
and harmonica. The lack of structure of the set was
effective, given the nature of the music. Surprisingly,
their other megahit, “Goin’ Up the Country,” wasn’t
played, but they did perform their early 1970’s hit,
“Let’s Work Together.”

This DVD featured good video and sound qualities
capturing the band in solid form, at the intimate
Montreux Festival. If you like Boogie-Woogie-infused Blues,
Canned Heat can deliver the goods in a big way.