Until now, I must confess that saxophonist and singer,
Candy Dulfer (1969 – ) had fallen completely under my
musical “radar.” However, I suppose that this DVD
from the “Live at Montreux” series from Eagle Eye
Media is as good an introduction as I could hope for,
because it captured two of her performances at
this Festival.

The first 55-minute set was from her performance in
July 2002, and featured songs in the Smooth Jazz/Funk
vein. Dulfer’s alto saxophone was backed by her
“Funky Stuff” band which she formed in 1984, when
she was 14-years old. This sizeable ensemble included
two keyboardists, a tenor saxophonist and additional
performers on trumpet, bass, guitar, and drums.

The bonus features on this disc included a second
46-minute concert from the 1998 Montreux Festival.
For my money, the earlier concert was more vital,
with more Dulfer solos and a higher level of
musical excitement.

Clearly, her alto saxophone sound is strong and fine,
within the context of the tunes she performed.
I wouldn’t call it ‘outstanding,’ but I don’t know if it’s
fair to compare her with other alto greats that I’ve heard,
so let’s just leave it at that. She has a nice singing voice
as well, and there was a good balance between it and
her playing, on both of the sets.

Although this music didn’t “push the envelope” enough
for my taste, I suppose that it was a fun time. Hits, such
as “Lily Was Here,” and “Sax-A-Go-Go” from her first
two albums were performed, along with a cover of
Bonnie Raitt’s hit, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and a
tight version of “Pick Up the Pieces” from the
Average White Band, which was by far the most famous
song on this disc.

The sound quality of the 1998 concert was better than
that of the later 2002 show, and the camera work for
both was quite good, creating a sense of intimacy.

Dulfer has played with such heavyweights as Prince,
Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, and Van Morrison. She opened
for Madonna while still in her teens, and is clearly a
highly respected player. From what I saw, her band
is quite good, too. However, with all of the music that’s
out there that I’ve yet to hear, I’m not enough of a fan
of this style to pursue it further, at this time.
Nevertheless, I’m glad that I checked out this DVD, as
it introduced me to a very successful artist whose music
is satisfying to her legions of fans.