The folks at Philips made another fine choice when they selected
Mitsuko Uchida’s recordings of Mozart’s “Complete Piano Sonatas,”
as a part of their “Complete Mozart Edition” project. These
recordings were made at Henry Wood Hall in London, between
1983 and 1987.

This five CD set also included the “Fantasia in C Minor, KV475.”
Mozart composed these works in distinct groups, beginning in
either 1774 or 1775, and completing them by 1789. In my
opinion, they showcase his development as a composer as
effectively as any of the music he wrote in other genres, and
he literally excelled in ALL genres.

Madame Uchida’s performances were marked by impeccable
taste and a wonderful sense of touch. I also liked the way that
the Sonatas were more or less chronologically arranged on the
discs; the better to chart Mozart’s compositional development.

The accompanying booklet had essays in English, German,
French, and Italian which were written by different authors, as
opposed to the traditional practice of printing only one essay,
with multiple translations. It’s too bad that I’m only fluent in
English, as I’d like to know what the other writers had to say!

Without having heard many of the other complete sets of
these Sonatas, I’m still willing to bet that I could do worse
than this Grammy Award winning set. I highly recommend it,
as a worthwhile purchase.