Far be it from me to suggest changes in what is obviously a winning formula with this band, but an occasional guitar solo from Dave Grohl (1969-) would be nice. “Foo Fighters: There Is Nothing Left to Lose” is the third Foo Fighters album that I’ve heard and in terms of songwriting, it is an improvement on their popular second album. Justifiably, “Learn to Fly” is the biggest hit on the disc.

This Alternative/Upbeat/Grunge type of Rock music just isn’t the kind that turns me on. Nevertheless, the songs and the band are quite solid. I just need more from my Rock listening, to justify hearing an album in this vein for a second time. Whenever possible, it’s so nice to hear albums in chronological order; the better to chart that band’s artistic growth. This is obviously a major group with great sales, which is why I wanted to check them out. I’m glad that I did.