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Released in 2006 on DVD under the Geneon label, “DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, and Metheny / Live in Concert” is one of the more impressive Jazz gigs that I’ve witnessed. It consisted of highlights from two shows recorded during 1990 at the Mellon Jazz Festival in Philadelphia, and was a true convergence of four of the most respected Jazz musicians playing their respective instruments and each firing on all cylinders.

Songs featured here included “The Bat,” “Hurricane,” “Indigo Dreamscapes,” and “Nine Over Reggae,” and demonstrated a high level of “give and take,” with sensitivity between these players. Jack DeJohnette (1942-) was probably the most “musical” drummer that I’ve ever seen or heard, and seemed to instinctively play perfectly for any given song, many of which he wrote. I remember being similarly impressed when observing him live in concert with Gary Peacock and Keith Jarrett at UCLA.

Dave Holland (1946-) who played both the double bass and the bass guitar, was one of the more impressive bassists I’ve observed or heard. Again, my opinion was fortified by having watched him live in concert at CSUN.

Although primarily at the Steinway, Herbie Hancock (1940-) frequently switched between it and an electric keyboard, sometimes placing one hand on each instrument and playing them both simultaneously. He was fantastic!

Pat Metheny (1954-) was the youngest player in the group and played a few different instruments, including an acoustic guitar. His trademark picked Jazz stylings were on point here. I found it interesting that he was able to achieve “horn like” sounds from one of his guitars.

The one-hour and 39-minute disc without bonus features had good sound quality. This disc must be seen!